The Grand Slam Foundation aims to provide kids and teens with safe, healthy sports options and supportive programs, fostering success in life and recognizing the developmental benefits of sports.


Indoor Batting Cages Facilities

All-Weather Accessibility.

Indoor batting cages provide a consistent training environment regardless of weather conditions.

Indoor batting cages allow for focused and repetitive practice, enabling athletes to refine their batting mechanics, timing, and hand-eye coordination.

With the availability of automatic pitching machines and coaches.


Baseball & Softball Little League

Is a year-round program that plays from spring through fall without interruption. It caters to children and youth ages 4 to 18. We aim to motivate individuals to enroll in the program and experience all the benefits of playing baseball.


Neighborhood Development / Community Engagement

This program focuses on ensuring that young individuals foster positive relationships within the community by actively participating in its upkeep and enhancement. We organize events with them and other organizations to collectively achieve our objectives. For instance, we engage in voluntary street and park clean-ups within the city. Additionally, we host softball games with the New York Police Department vs our youth as part of our collaborative efforts to foster positive relations between the police department and the youth of the community.


Little League Club activities through partnership with local leagues:

We collaborate with other community organizations and schools to provide them with the facility resources necessary for their youth practices. This mutually beneficial arrangement ensures that all parties have access to our facilities, fostering networking opportunities and community engagement.”